Thursday, 2 October 2014

Benefits T'ai Chi Practice


Daily practice of T'ai Chi has a profound effect on the 'body-mind ' . I say the 'body-mind' because as one's practice progresses one begins to realise just how interconnected these two aspects are. When we sink and relax into our feet on the ground and open ourselves to the grounds energy our body relaxes and our mind simultaneously  quietens (which is another way of saying it relaxes). 
Each time we Let Go into our practice we release tension , sometimes we have been holding on unconsciously to this unnecessary tension for years and it has been draining our energy. When we learn to recognise this tension and release it we find a whole reservoir of energy which is now available to us. As this available Energy increases, we become conscious of the beauty of our world,
seasons take on a new magic as we become more tuned into nature. Then each new day brings an opportunity to grow in awareness of what it means to be a 'body-mind'. 

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