Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Who Am I

Who Am I ? Who Am I beyond name and form ?

This to me is the most important question in life.
One of the reasons I love the Lester Levenson's inquiry is that his method leads to an knowing , knowing of who I am beyond words and thoughts. The method leads to a deep inner recognition of Self.
The method is simple,  don't be fooled by the simplicity it is simple but not easy.
Letting go of our beliefs , of our identity is simple but not easy.
It is not easy because our mind does not want to relinquish it's power.
 We are so identified with this 'body-mind ' that letting go even for an instant can be difficult.
 However once we begin to feel the freedom that results from letting go we become encouraged to keep up the practice and go deeper and deeper into our true nature.
You can try this exercise for yourself . Take a few minutes and focus inside. Allow your body to relax.
Ready ?
Ask yourself , Who Am I, notice your answer  ( maybe you said I'm Peter or Mary etc ) .
Ask again this time say  And if I am more than that who am I ?
 Wait for the answer and again ask .
 And if I am even more than that , who am I ?
 Just keep going past all the identities and the truth of you will begin to reveal itself.

This exercise can be even nicer when done in pairs so see if you can get a friend to ask the questions some time and experience it in that way too.

With Love Ann

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