Sunday, 9 March 2014

Guru Nanuk John Demartini and Me

Guru Nanuk  was the founder of the Sikh religion. His life was dedicated to the study of religion. He went to Israel to study Judaism and Christianity. He visited Mecca to study the Muhammed's teachings. While there he went to the Kaaba a cubical building in the centre of Meccas big square.
On the eastern side of the Kaaba is a sacred stone a mtteorite set into the wall. Guru Nanak lay down on his back with his heet towards the stone in order to meditate. 
The Muslims around were deeply offended because the stome is a symbol of Allah and the feet are considered unclean.
They cried our  " Blasphemy ! Blasphemy ! How dare you put your feet to the stone. " They pushed his feet away but he spun around and his feet were brought magically back to the stone.
They kicked him they dragged him around they did everything they could but he kept coming back with his feet at the stone. Eventuallly he asked them " Brothers why are you so upset ?" 
" Because the sacred stone represents God and you put your feet in the direction of God that is bad."
He said " If you can show me where God isnt I will gladly put my feet there. "

I came across this story in Dr John Demartini's book  The Breaktrough Experience and thought it  worth sharing. Thank God I had got the book as working my way through it is definitely helping me deal with being disconnected from the internet. In some strange way it almost seems as if life has set up this time for me to focus on some aspects of myself that need time and space to heal.

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