Saturday, 8 March 2014

Going Within

My Internet is still down, and the inconvenience has brought up some interesting responses in me. To begiin with I felt indignant  " This should not be happening to Me !" was what I felt.  Next I decided to look for the opportunity it afforded for me . When it was still not back yesterday and they said " It is taking 8 to 10 days to deal with the backlog I becamc upset and furious. Then I decided to reflect on all I have learned and put it to good use. Lester Levenson thught that we have attachments and aversions to everything in life, every yin has a yang side too. 
According to Lester we have four principal 'wants'  these are wanting aproval ( love ), wantiing control, wanting security and wanting to be one  ( this last one is the most subtle as it is about our ultimate connection to source which is the sense of oneness or completion the resolution of which is our purpose and destiny ).

In Lester's releasing we investigate our blocks by investigating our wants. 
For example , to investigate my attachments and aversions to having an internet connection I divided  a sheet of paper in two. On top Of one colume I wrote likes about internet connection and on the other column I wrote dislikes about internet connection. 
Here is an example of one of my likes to explain how the releasing works.
" I like tha internet connection because it makes my feel connected. "
Now I look inside to see what want that arises from  ( in my case that came from wanting aproval or love). Now I release ( this is just a decision and can be done physically by opening my posture or mentaly by letting go).

Then I write a dislike and again release the underlying 'want '.
When I cannot think of any more likes or dislikes I repeat the process but this time I make my lists on advantages and disadvantages.  We do this because often new ' wants ' will reveal themselves when we ask the question in a new way.

At the end of a releasing session I will feel lighter and more present to myself and my true nature which is already whole and complete.

  I can let the internet connection be whatever way it is my state of mind is mo longer dependant on the outside. 
 This is a remarkable tool as it allows us to release all blocks to our true nature .

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