Saturday, 22 March 2014

Letting Go

One of the greatest benefits of learning the Release technique is the gaining the ability to Let Go.
One of the areas I find it particularly helpful is in letting go of figuring things out.
Let me explain.
When we have a problem and spend time going over and over the problem becoming more and more frustrated , and  forgetting that even according to Einstein  “  A solution is never found at the same level as the problem . “
When we remember to let go we open ourselves consciously and subconsciously to new possibilities.
Can you recall times when you had tried everything and eventually you just gave up ( let go ) and suddenly you were inspired, maybe you picked up a book that gave you a new perspective, or met someone who threw light on the situation and you found a solution.
We all have such memories, so why not use our experience and let go?
Most of us have developed the habit of trying to figuring things out in our heads, we mull over issues forgetting that it is a waste of time. As Larry Crane (Release Method teacher) says, “Stop looking for the answer in the place where there isn’t an answer. “There is no point looking in the filling cabinet for a file that isn’t in there. “He says, “You don’t have to figure out how to drive your car or wash your teeth, you have already learned the answers to those ‘problems’. So the next time you have a problem ask your mind if it knows the answer, ask it if it knows what to do? If it knows the answer it will tell you.
If it says no believe it and Let Go.  You will be amazed at how freeing this is. You will then become free to be present with what needs to be done right now instead of ruminating.

Try it I bet you will like it.

With Love , Ann

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