Monday, 3 March 2014

Light Diet

Lets take a few minutes to connect with our inner light.

Read the exercise and then close your eyes and give it a go.

Make yourself comfortable allow your body to relax.

Feel the chair supporting your body , feel your feet on the ground, allow your face to soften,  relax the muscles all around your eyes.
Take a few deep breaths and  ' watch ' your body Letting Go.

Now shift your attention to your thoughts ,  close your eyes and just spend a minute watching your thoughts as they pass through your mind.    .    .    .    .      .       .           .              .                     .                    .

Reflect for a moment on how that felt to you . Did you notice any space or gap between your thoughts ?
Maybe you sat for a moment waiting before a thought appeared.
These Gaps are really significant these Gaps are where the Light shines In. They do not have to be Big and Long , the Light that shines in is Infinite and reaches all places instantly.
Taking time to notice these Gaps invites Light into your body ,mind and life.

Why not include these Gaps in your day ?

 Go on a Gap Diet . You will get Lighter in every way.

In Love and Light Ann

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