Friday, 14 March 2014

Our Plastic Brains

Because our brains are plastic we have the power to change.
When we  think thought often enough it becomes a belief and
true ( for us ).
This like everything else in life has a plus and minus to it.  If we practice the thought that we are bright and intelligent that thought becomes true for us ,  there is a lot of evidence now of people who have trained themselves to be good at maths,  art, tai chi, music etc  in spite of previously believing they had no talent in those fields. The down side is that  if we think  thoughts of not having ability to learn a skill we will come to believe those thoughts and lock ourselves in failure.  It is all up to us and to how we train our brains.
We have 100 billion neurons in our brains when we think a thought they fire together ( watch  them firing  it's magical Neurons Firing ) .
When you develop your level of consciousness to be aware of your thoughts you begin to have power in your life . By becoming  aware of your negative or limiting beliefs you gain an opportunity to Stop and consciously change your thoughts.  This is Simple But not Easy especially in the beginning because of long standing habits that have made  millions of connections in your brain. Even knowing that this process works can be a huge help in the difficult process of change.  The success of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous
shows how being with like minded people can help, the support of a group who have managed to change their thinking empowers others.
When you learn an art like T'ai Chi daily training changes your body and your brain, each new posture that you learn rewires your brain and opens new possibilities in your life.
No matter how you choose to spend your time know that you are wiring your brain and your life.
Choose well and your life can become a magical reflection of your thoughts.

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