Saturday, 30 April 2016

Peace Love and Joy these are the fruits of Gratitude

Often as the days rush by I forget to take the time to stop and appreciate this life. 
The sound of water boiling, the scent of morning coffee, the cat purring. I forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of flowering geraniums.  Taking these for granted makes life dull. Having a day of silence, time to reflect rekindles my delight in these my daily sounds and supports. The hum of my laptop as I write sooths and comforts me reminding me of how blessed my life really is. The sounds  arising in the surrounding silence remind me of how much I love living in a quiet neighbourhood where I can hear birdsong and the sound of the wind when it rustles the leaves. A day of quietness is a balm for body and mind and reawakens my awareness of the Peace, Love and Joy that are always present when I take the time to reflect on all  my blessings. 

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