Sunday, 3 April 2016

Back to the Magical West Castletownbere and Dozgchen Beara . . .

By the time I reached Barraduff the Mallow rain had cleared to cloud.

Past Kinmare,

 It was magical.

 Castletownbere seemed mystical, dreamlike .      ....

After T'ai Chi we (Tricia and I ) went to,

 Dzogchen Beara,

To view the Hostel. We need extra space for our Retreat Weekend. The Care Centre spaces have all been booked up already and we are filling the Hostel now, which luckily is also on site. The views are great from the kitchen. The Hostel has a lovely warm feel, quiet and peaceful a perfect place to rest after a day of practise.

 Couldn't resist stopping to photograph this sweetheart,

 Glorious sunshine,

Until I met the rain as I climbed up from Lauragh, but even the rain couldn't dampen my spirits which had been well recharged in the wonderful West.

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