Monday, 18 April 2016

      Love is not an illusion.
    In Love all illusion is lost.
    Where there is no illusion,
    then Love arises.

    Nothing belongs to you. It is all like the breeze.
    Leave your mind as free as the breeze
    by not clinging to anything.

    This is the secret to happiness:
    Enjoy the garden,
    but do not cling to anything. 

How beautiful are Papaji's words and sentiments, but how do we learn to live in this free state? 
I have found releasing to be a fabulous tool in allowing myself to relax and Le Go of the struggle in life. When we can Let Go through out the day we discover the Love that is already and always present. This is a tremendous gift to ourselves and opens us to the wonder of each moment. 
I love sharing this 'tool' so more and more people can come to experience their own Joy and Love. 
If you would like to learn more come and join us next Saturday it promises to be a fabulous fun day.

 Blackrock Community Centre 
  Saturday April 23
 10am - 4pm 
 Cost €35 per person 

 To reserve a place
 Phone 087 6616800  or email


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