Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Releasing workshop April 23

Here is the video showing how to find us in blackrock on saturday. Looking forward to sharing this fabulous method of  releasing our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our relationships.

trim.2A931C2E-8D82-4ADF-94BA-E10AF368CEBD from ann on Vimeo.

Peace and happiness are not in our minds and as long as we keep searching to find them through and with our minds we are doomed to stress. The mind is a fabulous tool but it tells us that our happiness lies in objects which are outside of ourselves. It tells us that our happiness depends on how others respond to us. It tells us that if we can control people and get them to just STOP Pressing our buttons all will be well. This never works we spend years trying to control the outside so we can feel OK and the result is stress, stress, and more stress. When we learn to let go of wanting to control the outside and take control of our own internal experience, we discover that the peace, joy and love that  we were looking to find outside was always here inside  ourselves. Paradoxically as soon as we find this internal peace the outside world seems to change and become more loving, mirroring back to us our own self love. Learning to Let Go of our habits and beliefs that keep us focused outside is a practise and this is what we investigate and practise at  our Releasing workshops. Each time we Let Go we become lighter and more tuned to our true nature we learn to rest as the loving beings that we are.
Come and join us on April 23 you will have a fun day with people who share your passion for truth and freedom. People who discover for themselves that Peace Joy and Happiness are all possible through  Letting Go '.

 Blackrock Community Centre 
  Saturday April 23
 10am - 4pm 
 Cost €35 per person 

 To reserve a place
 Phone 087 6616800  or email taichimcilraith@yahoo.co.uk

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