Monday, 2 May 2016

Alternative Route Home from Castletownbere

Something pulled me to Glengarriff yesterday.

 Childhood memories of boat trips to Garnish Island called me back there.
The great boatmen pointed out the white-tailed eagle on this tree top (unfortunately my camera with the zoom lens was out of battery so the amazing bird is barely visible).

 These exotic gardens inspired my childhood, 

 with dreams of adventure.

And awakened me to the beauty of flowers,

Yesterday I was delighted to discover that Bryce House  is now open to the public.
What an interesting house and a fabulous 'view ' into the life of the Bryce family who developed the gardens and donated the Island to the state in 1953. Read more here

 The Rhododendrons, some open and the promise .     .        .

 Tranquil walks,

 Stunning views,

 So much to delight the senses,

And a beautiful boat trip back, couldn't ask for a better afternoon.

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