Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Dzogchen Beara Reflections

I remember the day we took this photograph and began planning our weekend in Dzogchen Beara.
We felt ready for the challenge and joyful at the prospect of a weekend in the beautiful surroundings of the majestic centre. We had no idea of how blessed we would be, blessed by the wonderful people who jumped at he opportunity to experience the retreat.Blessed by the staff who helped in every way to enhance our experience and finally blessed by glorious weather. My heart is still full with the warmth, joy and love we experienced throughout the weekend.

Start with 'sticking.

Getting to know each other, connecting with people from different classes and new comers.

Exploring Mindful Movement with Tricia.

Getting to know our way around, 

And soaking up the beauty,

Listening to  prayers blowing in the wind.

Meditating in the Shrine Room ,

And Taichiing in the sunshine.

This is one dream that has come true for me. It feels good to acknowledge and appreciate this wonderful gathering. Thanks again to everyone for your Full Hearted participation.
Much LOVE Tricia and Ann

Ps Videos from the weekend are hon my facebook page HERE

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