Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wet And Windy In The West

trim.1F693629-D933-4D30-8EB1-D34A6A85F827 from ann on Vimeo.

I didn't take any photos during today's session but I couldn't resist a short video to remind me of this great trip to Castletownbere.

This was the only blue patch of sky that appeared to me today.

But I loved the mist shrouded hills.

  And sea,

Everywhere along the coast road seemed dreamlike.

 But the sheep were busy ignoring the wind and rain.

  trim.7493E519-F375-4B16-BBF6-B351EB5AB54C from ann on Vimeo.

I loved the 'feel'  of the countryside in the wind and rain, it felt ancient and mystical. The colours were soft and yet stunningly beautiful in a shy way quite different to the dazzling blue on my last trip west.

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