Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Give yourself a few minutes to do this exercise I bet it will inspire you.
Think back over your life and allow yourself to remember someone who really had an influence on you. It might have been a teacher , a neighbour, a family member, even a stranger who helped.

Go on close your eyes right now and reflect.

Who was it ? How did they make the difference?

When I did this exercise I was surprised to find  myself remembering a neighbour, a quiet man I hadn't thought about him for years and yet when I asked myself that question, it was the feeling of warmth and acceptance that I felt in his presence that came to mind. I didn't have to do anything or be anything special, there were no expectations from him.  

Who came to mind for you ? How did they make you feel ?

Would you like to be remembered in that way by someone. I for one would love to embody that ability to allow someone to feel accepted and loved for being themselves.

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