Sunday, 8 November 2015

November 2015 Workshop

Such a great day at yesterday's Workshop, I love to watch as people experience awakenings, realisations of how the body works and how cross-energy works.  The  Open Focus practise enhances our awareness by allowing us to experience space  very consciously. This consciousness enriches our t'ai chi practise in many ways. We come to the t'ai chi already open and relaxed and 'tuned in' to the space in and around and between us.

trim.4B233CAD-CDCE-43FB-9236-3D3259F70E2B from ann on Vimeo.

We investigated the 'feeling' of cross-energy in this exercise as a preparation for working on ' Step Back To Repulse The Monkey posture.

trim.023B7971-4CE4-4A9D-88C3-ACF8A053EF0F from ann on Vimeo.

Here we are applying the cross -energy principle in  Repulse The Monkey posture.

Good fun, great learning and how enjoyable to spend the day with such a fabulous group of people.

 A Huge Thanks You All For Being There  Wholeheartedly


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