Monday, 23 November 2015

Releasing Our 'Wanting ' Approval

Most of us believe that approval comes from outside of ourselves. We believe that if we can get enough approval from the outside world we will find it inside too and finally love ourselves. Now  there is nothing wrong with having others approval but when we think that we need it in order to love ourselves it can keep us from being our authentic selves.
 When we learn to 'Let Go' of wanting others to love and approve of us and give ourselves our own approval we gain the confidence to be our selves in every situation.
 Paradoxically being our true self makes us much better company. We all love to be around people who feel good in their own skin. They radiate good energy. They are at ease and help us to feel at ease too. People who want our approval make us fee uncomfortable there is a neediness about them that feels draining. They are trying to fill some emptiness and it is exhausting to be in their company. We all recognise this energy because most of us have felt that way. Most of us believe that in order to be happy we need love from the outside, when we release this belief and begin to discover that we have abundant LOVE inside, life becomes much easier.
 When we find our own LOVE we follow our dreams, we say Yes when we want to and also we say No when it is appropriate. We find ourselves more loving towards others not so they will love us back but because the LOVE inside just naturally wants to spill out.
So for today why not give yourself permission to LOVE yourself just as you are right now. Don't wait until you are 'perfect' Just give yourself LOVE and APPROVAL for being you.
Say 'THANK YOU' to yourself and 'I LOVE YOU' as often as possible. This may seem strange to begin with and your mind may fight telling you that you don't deserve it, that you haven't earned that LOVE. But this is just your mind ignore it and after a while giving yourself LOVE and APPROVAL will feel natural. You will be amazed by how much more energy you have when you live in a LOVING internal environment.
So go on and try it I bet you will LOVE how this works.
If you want to practise more Releasing come and join us on December 5'th this Workshop will be a Special Christmas Session focusing on Releasing our blocks to having a Fun and Easy Christmas.

Blackrock Community Centre 
  Saturday December 5'th
 11am - 4pm 

 Cost €35 per person 
 To reserve a place
 Phone 087 6616800  or email

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