Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Open focus Exercise

Paying attention to space and /or silence is a great way to calm the mind and relax the body.
Open Focus training enables us to become much more conscious of the healing power of space consciousness.
 Learning to pay attention to the space in and around our body helps us to be more fully present in each moment, to become more conscious of the beauty in nature. It helps us to relax into the here and now.
Learning to listen to the silence in which all sounds arise and dissolve back into, is a balm. It helps us to notice that internal sounds ( that voice in our heads which can appear to be constant )also comes and goes.  The  sound of that voice in our head also arises in a silence and with practise we can allow ourselves to become more interested in the space or silence in which it arises rather than the sounds it is making.
Here below is a link to an Open Focus Exercise which was recorded at one of my T'ai Chi and Open Focus Workshops.

Open focus Variation

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