Saturday, 28 November 2015

 Dr. Masaru Emoto from Yokohama, Japan wondered if our thoughts and intentions  could affect the world around us .

 Emoto began exploring how the human consciousness could affect the molecular structures of the objects around us, such as water. His most famous experiment was the one on water crystals.

The water crystal experiment focused on how positive and negative thoughts and feelings could affect the appearance of the water crystals at its molecular level. To test this, he placed water into glasses. Then, he would use words, music, pictures, and even prayer to expose the different glasses of water to either a positive or a negative message. For example, he would tape a piece of paper with the words “Love” or “Hate” to the glass of water. He would then freeze the water, so that the crystalline structures could be studied under a microscope.

The results were astounding. The positive phrases produced more symmetrical and beautiful crystals, while the negative phrases produced irregular or incomplete crystals. 

Now our bodies are almost 90 % water. Imagine how our negative self talk impacts the water our bodies are made of. 
Learning to Release that negative self talk and be genuinely more loving of ourselves has a huge positive effect on our lives. We become healthier when we live in a loving body. We feel more open and loving towards others. Our whole life open up to new possibilities. 
If you would like to Release those negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back come and join us next Saturday. You will enjoy Letting Go and learning how simple Releasing can be.
Blackrock Community Centre 
  Saturday December 5'th
 11am - 4pm 

 Cost €35 per person 
 To reserve a place
 Phone 087 6616800  or email

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