Sunday, 16 August 2015

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                                                                  Amy Cuddy
Knowing How Your Body Posture Changes You Brain Can Greatly Enhance Your Life. Listen To Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk It really will make a difference. Amazing confirmation to what I have discovered through years of T'ai Chi practise - how we hold our bodies has a huge influence on our physiology.
I have been practising T'ai Chi for 26 years. This practise has changed my life in every imaginable way. It has awakened aspects of perception I could never have imagined were possible. It has sharpened my mind, transformed my body, thought me to relax,and has had so many other positive outcomes that I could write a book about the benefits of practising this Art.
I am always interested in how we can learn and improve our life experience.
In Releasing our limiting beliefs we transform our 'thinking' and open our lives to more possibilities. Releasing always  moves us from lower to  higher states of consciousness.  Each release is an act of courage, Letting Go and opening to a new possibility is courageous and sometimes it is difficult to find the courage to release. 
 I  have noticed that when I feel stuck that T'ai Chi session will often shift my state and open me up to seeing solutions, I am more courageous after a practise session, more open to releasing, more willing to seek solutions and let go of my 'problems'.  
Sometimes I longed for a tool that I could  share with people that wll help them too, to access their courage and cope with stress quickly. Releasing and T'ai Chi are amazing but sometimes we need a 'Quick Fix' that really works, something that can help us to cope,and give us the courage to act.
 I think that Amy Cuddy does just that and you can see how in this Ted Talk so inspiring and also easy to use. I have used  her technique and am sharing it with you because It Works, and I want you to have the benefits of her findings too.
Your Body Language Shapes Who you Are

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