Saturday, 29 August 2015

All Things Grow With Love

My daughter Ruth gave me this 'watering can' many years ago, and it's message has challenged and inspired me.
To me " All Things Grow With Love " is clearly a message from the Heart. It resounds with Heart Wisdom.
It's often hard for our brains to come to terms with Heart Wisdom, our brains are designed to be completely logical and the intuitive wisdom of our hearts often seems illogical to our rational brain.  If we try to force this wisdom on our brains it doesn't work. So we need to get the brain on the side of our heart, this is done by pointing out to the brain how the wisdom of the heart can actually help us.
The brain is not a 'baddie', rather it is just a much more insecure fearful aspect of us, it is designed to protect us and our bodies, it is great at watching out for potential problems. It will come up with all the logical reasons to be sparing with your LOVE fearful that you can run out of LOVE.
 It, your the brain, needs to be reassured that the LOVE inside is infinite. To teach our brains and get them on our heart's side we need to give our brains  real examples of how this wisdom is true and how using it can actually helps us.
Over the last few years I have tested this wisdom in many areas of my life, from relationships to work.
When I have 'watered' relationships with LOVE even very challenging ones have improved.
The brain will tell you that showering a difficult person with LOVE s a waste of your energy ( logical reasoning) , your brain will tell you that they do not deserve your positive regard never mind your LOVE. When your brain tells you not to LOVE.
 Ask your brain to feel what LOVE feels like?

Then ask your brain to feel what disapproval feels like?

Then ask your brain which feels nicer?

 Now ask your brain to notice where are these feelings happening ?

When your brain begins to recognise that feelings all happen inside of you and that choosing to feel LOVE feels much better to you and your brain,  it's logical conclusion will be that it is better to feel LOVE.
Little by little it will come to realise that LOVING everything is a good idea for you and your brain and you will have made an accomplice of your brain, your brain will be learning to trust the Wisdom of Your Heart. 

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