Tuesday, 25 August 2015


More and more I realising that this world works a bit like is a mirror. 
It shows us ourselves, it does this through our relationships, when we
 are constantly coming up against difficulties it is reminding us to turn
 inward and reflect on what we are radiating out into our world. 
I have noticed that when I Let Go of my negative feelings and take the 
time to nourish my good hearted feelings my world reflects goodness
 back to me. 
When I catch myself feeling stressed or worried I remind myself to 
Let Go even for a moment.  
To breathe in LOVE on each breath, 
Try this now for a few moments ( even if you are not stressed )
Notice how good it feels to Breathe in Love. 
Love is all around and when we remember to breathe it in we find it reflected out there in our world. 

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