Thursday, 6 August 2015

Moving From Fear To Courage

Here is my friend Eva on her first Sky Dive !

Wow I for one think that it takes courage to jump from a plane at 12,000 feet!

This is what happens when you move beyond fear to courage.


Now Sky Diving might not be right for you, but you may have some fears that are holding you back from living your life to the full.

When you learn to RELEASE those fears you move yourself up into COURAGEOUSNESS where even the impossible becomes possible.

Learn how easy it to Let Go and move from Fear To Courage at Sunday's

                    " Letting Go OF I CAN'T "  Workshop.

Mardyke House 
Sunday August 9th
11am - 4pm  
Cost €35 per person 
To reserve a place
Phone 087 6616800  or email

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