Monday, 19 October 2015

Reconnective Healing Training In london

Here are some of the other volunteers who are helping at the training this week in London.

The training is taking place in the Kia Oval ( Surrey County Cricket Club).  We are here from about 8.30am until 8pm it's a long and really interesting day. the training is really hands on ( or I should say hands off) because we actually don't touch the person's body when we practice Reconnective Healing.  
Now there are  over a 100,000 practitioners worldwide, solid scientific research to back it, and VIPs like Deepak Chopra singing its praises and yet many people have never heard of Reconnective Healing.
The benefits of Reconnective Healing are measurable and significant. Reports include healings from a wide variety of life-threatening, chronic and serious conditions..
When trying to explain what Reconnective Healing is, somehow it’s easier to explain what it’s not: it’s not a modality nor a method, it’s not a treatment nor a therapy, it does not diagnose, and the practitioner’s hands have no need to physically touch the person.
 Reconnective Healing is in the forefront of the  emerging field of Energy Healthcare . So what exactly is Reconnective Healing and how does it work? Here are three things you should know:

  • Reconnective Healing effects positive changes to your DNA – In both lab experiments and in the field, human DNA exposed to Reconnective Healing (and the frequencies it uses) repairs and restructures (reconnects) itself into a more harmonic state and faster than any energy healing technique.
  • Just minutes of Reconnective Healing has been scientifically proven to be more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring range of motion to limbs of our bodies.
A recent study conducted by the University of Arizona concluded that a 10-minute session of Reconnective Healing significantly improved range of motion in people with restricted shoulder mobility and had more than double the effect produced by physical therapy.

  • It’s real. It requires no faith, hope or belief. It has nothing to do with religion or mind-over-matter. And there are no complicated techniques or procedures.

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