Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Light And Gratitude

There was a lovely light reflecting from distant windows as Inarrived at the Oval this morning. A 'fortaste' of the 'light' experience at today's session.

We gathered for our last day at the Oval.

During the lunch break I walked to Vauxhall and was surprised to find myself loving the skyline, 

Even the buses looked particularly bright and 'sunny' . 
Something in me had opened to see more beauty in every direction that pulled my gaze. The weekend's work is reaping it's benefits. I wish that I could bring everyone to these sessions and give them the opportunity to experience the power and joy of 'steeping ' in these Reconnective Frequencies. 
People's faces were glowing brighter and brighter as the day progressed confirming the power of this connection to ' Energy Light And Information'.
 I feel truly blessed to be part of this ' Reconnection'.

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