Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Reconnective Healing Practitioner Training

  Here are some of the 'volunteers; teachers and staff of the Reconnection

This training weekend was completely booked out in Bucharest and most of the people who attended were Romanian. It was fabulous to see people's responses as they were introduced to these 'Healing Frequencies". When the whole group were playing with the Frequencies the feeling in the room was so different,, I often felt as if I had moved to a new dimension where connections and communications were already happening on a telepathic level.
This new way of working on our ''whole self 'physical,mental, emotional,spiritual is simple and immediate. Anyone can learn to feel and access these 'healing feaquencies'. Here in Romania there was a huge variety of participants, of course because I don't speak Romanian I was limited with who I could talk to, but it is easy to recognise differences in people due to their dress and the ageing effects of different lifestyles and work. It seemed to me that we had people from every walk of life from farmers to doctors.It was wonderful to witness 'farmers 'and 'doctore' exchanging sessions. We all worked on each other experiencing and learning from feedback and from feeling and seeing the registers on each others bodies.
One of the liberating aspects of this work is that we do not interpret, we engage with the client and the frequencies and allow this 'play'to do what is needed. The outcome is amazing. We are working with light and information and many scientific studies have verified the changes that take place in peoples bodies when they have had a healing, including changes in the energy body see in the link below ( I don't have my laptop with me so can't upload some of the photos myself ).


I met some great Reconnective Healers here some like those above felt like very 'old 'connections. I have goose bumps all over my body as I write this, I am very clear that these meetings are more than random events. I am sure we have all worked together before and certain that we will keep exploring these healing frequencies for a long time to come. 

Now I have a two days to explore and some more interesting Reconnections to complete so I'm off more soon. With much love and Light. Ann in Beautiful Bucharest .

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