Saturday, 25 July 2015

Letting Go Of " I Can't "

The belief  "I Can't " is a huge hold back in life. When this belief is operating in us we miss so many opportunities. Letting Go of this belief opens  many new possibilities.

What "ICan'ts " do you have?  How are you limiting your life ? Do you think " I just can't say No to this person." When you can't say No to someone else you are often  saying No to yourself, saying No to your needs and if this happens a lot  you end up being ill or exhausted.  So it is really important to learn the art of saying no. Eliminating or even reducing this "I Can't"  will empower you and paradoxically help  people in your life too.
 When we are afraid to say No we often end up doing things for the wrong reason - fear. When we do things out of fear we actually bring a negative energy with us, we are unconsciously radiating a belief that the other person is weak, too weak to handle our No.
  This is very disempowering for that person and they feel it on some level consciously or unconsciously. This blocks our relationship and eventually leads to resentment. So by learning to  release our "I Can't " in this area we open up to much more authentic relationships. Relationships which are more fun and have a real sense of give and take . Where Yes means absolutely Yes And No means No. When we  release our underlying fears we begin to eliminate our " I Can't " and begin to live from I Can. I Can do, and  I Can be and I Can have the life that I have been born to live.
This is just one aspect of "I Can't " that we will explore at the workshop on August 9'th .

Mardyke House 

Sunday August 9th
11am - 4pm  
Cost €35 per person 
To reserve a place
Phone 087 66168oo  or email

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