Monday, 20 July 2015

"Feel for It Find It Play With It " Dr Eric Pearl

Whenever he is instructing people about getting to know the frequencies Eric Pearl often says"Feel for It Find It Play With It ". The it refers to a line  ( actually an infinite number of lines) that can be felt when you tune into the sensations that happen in your body, and the registers that happen in the clients body once you have consciously connected.

My current understanding is that that the universe is 'full' with these frequency lines, lines of light and information that are surrounding and interpenetrating everything. Once we consciously 'awaken ' these lines in ourselves or someone else they become activated and can bring healing to both the practitioner and the client simultaneously.

The more I work with these 'frequencies' the more fascinating and absorbing the interaction becomes. It often feels as if  a shift in dimensions happens, I tune into a line and become totally absorbed in watching the response in the client, adjust a little and notice whether this increases or decreases the response. I am ofter thinking to myself this is just like 'magic'. How cool is it that we are all connected in this way and all I fave to do is feel for these lines, focus on them once I have found them and then play with them.

 By play with them I mean we stretch them and adjust my hand positions noticing whether this amplifies or diminishes the client's registers.  It is also really interesting that we can move a long way away from the client's body and the response in not diminished, often in fact it gets even stronger.

 Everyone can learn to feel these frequencies and I look forward to a time when everyone will know how to do this work.

 Imagine if we all could feel these interconnections.

 Imagine if we all healed each other regularly.

 Imagine what a world where we are all  healers would feel like.

 Imagine living in a world where we all connected consciously to these frequencies of Light and Information.

 Now that seems to me like a dream that is well worth pursuing.

I like this link below as it shows some of  the typical registers that happen when we work on a person.

Eric Pearl 

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