Thursday, 11 September 2014

Learning to Let Go Of Figuring Things Out

Learning to Let Go  of all my figuring things out is an on going process for me. Trying to figure things out seems to be the default programme that runs my mind.  Since Working with Lester's Releasing method I am more conscious of this habit and at least I now notice it sooner . Figuring  things out has nothing to do with planning or solving such things as maths  etc . Figuring things out refers to that spinning that goes on in the mind when you keep asking it for some solution to an issue  over and over even though all you get is frustration. As Larry Crane ( of The Release Technique) tells us , we then beat ourselves up for not having an answer and for wasting our time looking for one.  This is a vicious circle until we become more awake to the minds habit and STOP trying to find an answer where there is none.  Letting Go or releasing allows us to calm down and focus inside, to relax and trust that the answer will find us when the time is right. It is not always easy to Let Go , our ego resists handing over control even when past experience has shown that this is more effective than rummaging around in our minds. However I am finding that the more I do it the easier it gets, eventually it will become the default programme and Figuring Things Out will be a memory from the past.

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