Monday, 22 September 2014

A Great Visit To My Little Wood With Gilbert

I introduced Gilbert ( my nephew ) to my favourite little wood today.

I was so pleased that he 'got ' why I love this place so much. 

I showed him all my favourite spots while telling him about my friend Con who also loved to these woods. 

Con had spent most of his life in America .

When he came back here he reintroduced pheasants to this wood, and they are still here even though Con has moved on to the next life. 

I told Gillbert all about Con and how he regaled me with stories about the wood ,Con said he used to practice his golf here before the mountain Ash trees had reclaimed the land.

A short while later Gilbert said, " look here Ann " .  We both stopped in our tracks, My heart filled with joy as I felt sure that Con had sent us a clear message that he was with us as we wandered.

Along these paths he loved so much.

We wandered for a short while more.

Along these silent paths.

Bid adieu to the wood. 

And returned home by this majestic Oak , what a perfect finish !

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