Saturday, 20 September 2014

Adding Peace To The World

Each time our internal chatter stops even if it is just for an instant we add a little more peace to this world. I find it really encouraging to think that I am contributing to world peace through my daily practice of T'ai Chi and Meditation and Releasing . Through these efforts I am learning to recognise the peace that abides inside, this peace which is ever present  ( even when my mind is running wild ). Somehow knowing that this peace is always here helps to calm the wild mind. Knowing that when it calms I am adding to ' world calm ' helps me let go of petty concerns that tend to set my mind running  racing for solutions. Remembering to ask myself  "What is here beyond the racing mind ? " is a great way to connect with the peace and silencebeyond my thinking mind. This is the connection that nourishes , refreshes, and revitalises me and it is really great to know that it also helps the world.

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