Sunday, 7 September 2014

Healing With Reconnection

Here is John (my husband ) he broke his foot about six weeks ago. I have already written about the challenges this brought in terms of dog walking etc.  Maybe it was because of all the extra driving and other duties that it took so long before I began to use the Reconnective Healing with him.
Each time I would suggest it he would decline saying it was too late and that I had had too long a day. John is always helping people and was finding it really difficult to be ' dependant ' on me for driving him everywhere. Anyway finally one night last week ( just the night before his return visit to the surgeon ) he asked me to give him a healing session. His foot was particularly sore and he was very worried that the surgeon would give him bad news next morning.
So I set up the massage table and began to ' draw' the frequencies through him. I knew it was particularly strong as I could see lots of involuntary muscle twitches in both legs ,but especially in the injured side of his body.There were also very strong eye registers. I worked on him for about forty five minutes.
When I finished he was very relaxed and said that the session was amazing , that during the session  the lower part of his injured leg felt completely numb, and at other times he could feel waves of energy moving through it.
When he got off the table he was even more astonished in how different his foot felt , he could put his weight on it and walk much more easily than before the session .
Next morning he visited the surgeon and John was thrilled when the doctor too was surprised at the flexibility and strength in John's foot. On the previous visit he had told John that he would need physiotherapy and a long period to get full movement back in his foot . Now he said,  " It  is amazing your foot is fully mobile you don't need any physiotherapy . "
This was great news for John and also for me. Reconnective Healing is not widely known. It is a form of healing that draws ' higher frequencies ' through the clients body and restores a balance. These frequencies carry light and intelligence and can be very subtle or pronounced. They always bring healing to the client and to the practitioner. Sometimes the frequencies cause dramatic energy movements and sometimes the recipient feels a great peace and calm, sometimes it can put someone to sleep, but always it restores a balance.
John has been encouraging me to share his story and let more people know about the wonders of Reconnective Healing .

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Mary Steele said...

Fabulous. Book me in for a session please. xxx