Thursday, 20 April 2017

Space And Silence

Here above is one of the reasons I love my journeys West.
 I love the sense of space with the ocean and the big sky. 
Whenever we pay attention to space, when we 'feel' the space around our bodies, or when we really see the space or visualise it, our minds calm down.
The emptiness of space connects us consciously or unconsciously to that vast quiet ' empty' space that lies under the chatter in our busy minds.
Listening to the silence between the sounds around us also tunes us into that vast silent space inside of us.
Learning to listen to the silence in and around us also calms our busy minds. It helps us to recognise just how transient our thoughts and emotions actually are. This recognition can really help us deal with the ups and downs of every day life. 
We realise that we are not our thoughts and emotions but rather we are the space where thoughts and emotions can arise.
We become conscious of being conscious this is a great realisation and truly a liberating experience. We can no longer fully believe our thoughts and emotions are real, we recognise their transient nature and this helps us to let thoughts pass through without getting completely lost in them.

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