Saturday, 29 April 2017

Light and Love

Yesterday was a day in the city, 'taiching'  all morning giving Reconnective Healing sessions all evening.

As I walked back to my car in the evening I felt light and full of love.

 Everything took on a special glow. It seemed as if the external light matched my internal feelings, feelings of contentment, of connection to something beyond myself.

I felt connected as never before to the world all around me and in some strange way to the world beyond. 
Reconnective Healing is so mysterious to me I have no idea how it 'brightens' or 'awakens ' me ,my client and the space all around. It is completely beyond my minds understanding but something awakens in around and between us that shifts reality to a different dimension and we are all transformed through and by the 'light and frequencies' that are drawn through us. 

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