Thursday, 11 December 2014

What Will You Remember ?

On these the shortest darkest days that herald Christmas's approach it is so important to take time out to reflect on what really matters.
What do you really remember about last Christmas ? Can you remember the gifts each person gave you ?
If you are like me the presents are a vague memory,  however I remember the gatherings, chatting in the kitchen as we cooked,  the time we relaxed in a coffee shop ' mid - shopping 'and just soaked up the atmosphere. 
I remember the lights, the anticipation , and the arrival of family home for holidays. These are the memories that fill my heart and recharge my battery. So as the 'frenzy' begins I remind myself of what really counts, of what will remain after all the paper is recycled , and the goodies eaten, digested and 'recycled'.
 It feels good to remind myself of those memories and to relax into the true spirit of this season by being more present to those I meet.   To not rush around so much but to stop and just enjoy the lights, the scent of Christmas spices, and the glow of a lovely warm welcoming fire.

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