Saturday, 6 December 2014

Allowing Everything To Be As It Is

Some years ago a good friend gave me a meditation CD called Allowing Everything To Be As It Is.
The meditation was presented by Aydashanti. I must have listened to that CD every day for months. My mind fought with the idea of allowing things to be. At that time I believed that  "allowing everything to be as it is " was lazy.

Back then I really believed in pushing, forcing or efforting to change myself and those around me. I thought that if only my external world would change all would be well and I could finally 'Let Go' and Relax.

Listening to Aydashanti's advice of allowing things to be , resonated with my T'ai Chi practice of non resistance, hearing the same advice in a different context made me aware of subtle levels of resistance which had been unconsciously blocking me from 'Letting Go '.

Over time I have come to realise that 'Allowing Things To Be ' is anything but lazy. It often takes a lot of releasing inside to allow others to have their own experience. To trust their own knowingness and keep my opinions to myself ( unless asked for ).

This is anything but passive or easy , and yet it is so satisfying to begin to trust that life does know best. When you allow yourself to relax into life's unfolding and just watch becoming a bit like a passenger in your own life it becomes a lot more fun.

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