Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Santa Special

Mallow Station was quiet this morning as I set off for Dublin.

In contrast to Pearce Street Station in Dublin where an excited croud waited to board the Santa Special.

We all felt the thrill as the train approached.

The Santa Special is an annual Steam Train event run by the Irish Railway Preservation Society, these volunteers renovate and maintain trains including steam trains. There are many events held throughout the year to fundraise in order to support this work. 

Children of all ages love a Steam outings and  the Santa Specials
 are booked out as early as July each year!

Couldn't believe  my own excitement to see Santa !

 My T'ai Chi friends might be wondering at my Interest in Steam, John (my husband) is a volunteer and always tells me about these outings. I couldn't resist going to have a look on my way to meet some T'ai Chi friends in St Andrews on Pearse Street .

You can my longterm T'ai Chi buddie John Connell here on the right.
Unfortunately I have no photos of our T'ai Chi gathering  Charles worked us hard and I just couldn't interrupt to take some photos. 

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