Thursday, 18 December 2014

How To Shift Relationships And Have More Fun

One of the best ways I know of for lifting my mood is to make an appreciation list. I promise that if you do this exercise you will be delighted by how you feel in just a few minutes.

To do this exercise, think of someone who is a positive influence in your life.

Write down their name.

Now, list 15 things you appreciate about this person. The first few come easily but persist and dig deep until you find 15. They don't all have to be huge ( you could appreciate that they never make you feel bad for being late! ). Once you push through the slump ideas will come quickly. According to medical psychologist Dan Baker, you will also feel your mood improving as your neocortex tells your brain to focus on appreciation. This moves activity from the fearful-reptile zones of your brain and triggers the secretion of serotonin, causing feelings of joy.

If you feel inclined you can read the list to the person, I have done this and loved the experience.

Now if you found that exercise good move up to the next level which s even more Powerful !

Do the 'appreciation list' focusing on someone you don't like very much.

And if you really want to change your life experience do it yet again focusing on someone you really dislike.
You will find that doing the exercise on people you don't like very much is really powerful in shifting your interactions in subtle ways that that will surprise and delight you.

I think these exercises are great to do at any time, however at Christmas time we often 'have' to meet with people who we might prefer to avoid. By doing these exercises before a party or a meeting you can find things you like about everyone and open yourself to a whole new experience with people who you previously found difficult. 

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