Thursday, 20 November 2014

Stretching Expanding And Moving Beyong Your Limits

There is almost always a little ( or a lot ) of fear before the jump, no matter what your new 'jump' happens to be.
 Whenever we stretch beyond our previous limits it tends to be scary, (if it wasn't it would be stretching us) .
Our natural reaction is to withdraw to curl back into our shell, however when you becomes conscious of this reaction you  become free to respond in a new way.
You can welcome up that fear.
You can recall previous times you kept going in spite of your fear.
 Recall how good it felt when you finally cycled a full mile with ease.
 Or maybe you swam under water and enjoyed it.
Maybe you faced your fear of public speaking , or telling someone you loved them.
What ever they were for you recall those triumphs now and this recalling will build your courage.
 Congratulate yourself for your courage, acknowledge you achievements also acknowledge the fears you overcame , in doing so you will be growing  your mental muscles.
Growth and expanding beyond your limits will become a much more attractive challenge.
You will be peeping out of your shell eagerly waiting for some scary happenings so you can have an opportunity to let go of some more fear and grow to your full potential.

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