Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Enhancing The Flow In Your Life

Letting go of resistance enhances the flow in your life. As I explained the other day when we resist people, events etc in our lives we waste a lot of energy which would otherwise be available to us.

When we take some time and reflect on where flow is already present in our lives and acknowledge that there is already quite a lot of flow happening day to day , we tend to get even more flow.

This is really simple to do and as one develops awareness and appreciation for flow it responds to the love and grows.
So take a few minutes and notice which aspects of your relationships are flowing well.
 Who do you like to be around?  Think of the people whose company you enjoy. When you relax in some one's company it is a sign of a good flow of energy between you.

Now think of work you like to do, any type of work  ( I love to iron clothes the task relaxes me and gets me into a good flow ). What ordinary or extraordinary task relaxes you.

What aspects of your finances are working well acknowledge the flow that is already happening in that area of your life.

In taking the time to notice and acknowledge these aspects of flow I promise you will create more flow. This will be even more effective if you take the time to actually write down the flow that you have discovered. There is something very powerful in the act of writing your observations on paper.

When we work at releasing sessions , hearing our partner asking us the questions and hearing our answers out loud is very profound . When you work on your own writing answers on paper , the writing somehow acts just like a releasing partner.

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