Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Simple Ways To Release Resistance


You don't need to wait until you get home from work, to let go of resistance. You can let go right now no matter where you are.
Simply bring your mind into your body, feel how your feet are feeling right now. Really pay attention to the sole of your right foot. Notice any sensations you can find there.
If you did that even for a second you gave yourself a break from resistance.
Go on do it again this time pay attention to your left foot feel all the sensations in that foot , in the sole , on the , top , in all the toes.
Great you have just had another little break.
If you do this regularly during the day you will find a large increase in your energy, things will flow more easily for you because you will be more present , more in your body.
It doesn't matted where you focus your attention in your body, after some practise you will just start 'listening' to your body through out your day, you will become intimate with it's subtle messages that let you know when you are resisting and you will welcome these messages that remind you to Let Go.
You will be more and more relaxed , even allowing yourself to relax into the tense parts of your body.
This body of yours is an amazing instrument which can be your greatest ally in Letting Go of your resistance .
Give your self a few seconds again each hour to listen to it's sensations and welcome them all .
Doing this will allow you to finish today as fresh as you started.

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