Thursday, 27 November 2014

Saying YES To Your Life

We sometimes  think that our life experience will change if we say NO  and feel NO. I have come to realise that this saying NO just doesn't work.
Just give this a try, say NO to your life , say it strongly to yourself and feel what happens in your body .
Do it a few times, close your eyes and say NO and really feel what a strong NO does internally.
Now say YES to your life  ( you are alive so why not affirm yourself ) .
Close your eyes and say YES, YES , YES , YES , Feel what this does internally .
Imagine that you are a cell in your own Heart or Liver , or Lung. Allow yourself to feel which experience you as a cell would rather ' live ' in .
Would you rather bathe in a YES environment or a NO environment ?

I think you will agree with me that YES feels much better, much closer to our true nature.
Basically by ' choosing ' to be born we said YES, and I feel this is one reason why YES feels so much better to us.
Also each time we say YES we release our Resistance and move into the flow of our lives.

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