Tuesday, 21 May 2013


We (  Suzie and I  ) dropped Jo to the station Sunday evening and then went for a walk by the river.

It seems clear to me that I'm not the only one who likes to look  and contemplate.

These walks are a great time to allow my mind to wander and notice what bubbles up for attention.
I am often reflecting on life and how I'm using this precious lifetime .  Consciousness seems to be the 'focus' of my work. With hindsight  I can see that to become as fully conscious as possible has been the thrust of my endeavours.
Reflecting on my experiences , writing this blog , practising Open Focus , T'ai Chi , Reconnection these all develop awareness of different states of consciousness.

                      Opening gateways to new wider levels of perception.

Writing about Seamus made me aware of how my perception of landscape has changed . Open Focus has had a huge influence on my perception of space and awakened my interest in photography. My walks with Suzie have been transformed, whereas before they were a duty and  I regarded the time spent walking as a distraction or a bit of a waste, now I see how they are a blessing , an opportunity to be in nature  and really see this amazing world.
 I love the awareness that Open Focus has brought about in the subtle body senses.  Sitting quietly and listening inside , allowing all the feelings and emotions to arise without trying to fix or change anything.  Developing this type of awareness allows access to much deeper levels  of  feeling,  so I can become more conscious of deep fears , and hurts which if remain buried just block growth, but once the light of awareness is shone on them they generally dissolve naturally.

Sometimes I wonder if I have spread  my interests too wide , there never seems to be enough time in a day to get around to all I want to do.  However , my instincts tell me to keep going , all these interests have 'arrived' in my life by following hunches and life has only become more interesting ,more fun, more alive.

What makes your day buzz ? What develops your awareness or consciousness ?

Give yourself  some time today to pursue activities to enhance your development.

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