Monday, 20 May 2013

            Here is my beloved U. Seamus in November 2008 just after  my  niece Margaret had brought my Neurofeedback machine from the US.
     U. Seamus loved to  'train ' on the machine. He was 92 when he  began and he practised   every week after that first session
   I would bring the machine with me each time I went to visit and we would practice together, him on the machine and me doing my Tai Chi.
   His spirits would be completely lifted after our session    " Angels sing to me while I'm on that machine Ann  " he would say.
  His  faith and devotion were deep , one time when I phoned he told  me he had had a minor stroke the previous night , he just turned over and went back to sleep. " I'm ready to die any time God calls  " he said  " so I decided not  to bother the doctor , if I'm alive in the morning I'll ring for him then.

Thank God he was still alive that. morning , but he was not as strong  and l the following year he had to move to a nursing home. Luckily it was  only a few miles from my place so I could visit often and bring the  machine.

  I knew our love was deep, we didn't need to say it very often , it was  in the air around us,  it is a blessing  to  recognise the people one  loves while  they are still here in the body

He hated being in a nursing home, he had always been so active,  he was no longer able to paint watercolours , work in  garden or  even walk around his garden as he loved to do.
  He  planted and nursed so many gardens in the numerous parishes where he had served,  I'm  sorry that I wasn't into taking photos  back then, or I would have beautiful  shots of abundant gardens.
   He had vines,  peaches , and cherries even melons in his glass houses,  and also trained along the garden walls. Not to mention the orchards, of apples and pears.

No one would ever return empty handed from a visit , there would  always be some produce from the garden , maybe some spring broccoli,  or a bowl of raspberries and strawberries, depending  on the season.

Apple tree Form Seamus blooming right now in our garden.

We ( his  friends and relations ) all have living memories of him growing in our gardens .

So much more to say about Seamus but my T'ai Chi class in Cork is calling me.

Remembering and writing about Seamus brings great love and joy to me I bet you too have loved ones who can enrich your day if you take the time to  reflect and allow those nourishing memories to arise.

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