Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Thoughts on teachers and teachings.

                           Susan Shor Fehmi and Dr Fehmi

I have been thinking a lot about teachers in the last few weeks . It is such an honour for me to be invited as a guest by one of my most inspiring teachers that it has brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings about teachers and especially what I learned and am still learning from Dr Fehmi's teachings.
I can't imagine my life without the sense of space and effortlessness  that Open Focus training brought into my life. I have been trying to imagine how I would be without it , without that big space of allowing all feelings and emotions to arise. How different my life would be if I hadn't learned to allow my own feelings to arise in open space and dissolve naturally.

 I am so grateful for the private sessions I had  with Dr Fehmi and his wife Susan where Dr Fehmi led me into Open Focus and thought me how to dissolve anxiety in my stomach.

 I remember especially the session  when he asked me,  " What are you feeling now Ann ? "  I said nervous in my stomach,  then I explained that I was so excited to actually be in Princeton with him, that  the nerves which were really JUST excitement .  ( In my mind I felt the nerves were a good sign of interest and I should add that I often had those feelings in my tummy).
  Dr Fehmi said,  " No  Ann what you are calling excitement  is actually  anxiety. Would you like to dissolve that anxiety and be free ? "
 " Yes "I said   and we proceeded to investigate space in and around those feelings of anxiety  or nerves ( that felt like butterflies in my tummy ) and they began to dissolve , by the end of the session they were barely noticeable  ( I had to actually check to see if I could still find them ).
When I came home from Princeton I kept up my daily  practice and noticed after a while that I had simply forgotten about my nervous tummy.   On the odd occasions I would feel it ,  and think , gosh  its been ages since I have felt that way,  and then I'd  welcome feelings it into open space and spend a little time  allowing  the feelings to dissolve.
This be aware of  our internal environment while still  'operating ' in the external world is a huge advantage to everyone .  To be able to self regulate on the go rather than having to wait until one is home and has free time to review one's day  is a great benefit and reward for time spent in Open focus training.

If you would like to hear more about Open Focus and experience an Open Focus exercise with Dr Fehmi join us in the June Webinar details on this link.   Dissolving Pain

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