Saturday, 11 May 2013

This weeks Mini Form and Short Form Lessons and a short introduction to Open Focus Attention

 Open Focus exercises are designed to awaken our awareness to
         '    how we are paying  attention   '.
When  we pay attention in narrow focus we do not allow our
awareness to extend to peripheral elements of our experience.

For example , with narrow focus one may be in a conversation,
while blocking out  sensory information from the body.
Attending to the same conversation in Open Focus allows one
to be simultaneously aware of the feelings in and around one's body
 as one listens fully to the words of the conversation.

You may now get a sense of this by spreading attention evenly
so that various experiences can be included in simultaneous awareness.

While  reading these words allow  your attention to expand and include
current body sensations,     sounds,     tastes,     smells,    visual events
surrounding the words  and thoughts  as well as emotions , all without
interfering with reading and understanding. You may now wish to pause
in order to include these elements of experience into Open Focus attention.

Have you felt the difference it makes when you expand awareness while
reading ?
 Now continue and allow yourself to also become aware of the space
 between the letters,   space between the  words ,  the spaces between
you and the screen,  allow yourself to become aware of the space in the
 whole room all while reading and understanding these words.

Notice how your body feels now.
Widening and softening our attention relaxes the body and calms the mind.
  Remembering  to come  into Open Focus during the day will relax your
 body expand your mind  and open you to a new way of experiencing
 your 'reality'.

Open Focus exercises were developed by De Fehmi of the
 Princeton Biofeedback Centre. I trained with Dr Fehmi a few years
 ago and have found Open Focus to be an invaluable addition to my
life. The exercises woke me up to a whole new way of being present,
which spills over into everything I do from chatting with friends and
family to practicing T'ai Chi and Reconnection.

More about Open Focus over the next few weeks in preparation for
a live interview and Open Focus exercise with Dr Fehmi early in June.

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