Sunday, 26 May 2013

T'ai Chi in Fitzgeralds Park Sunday June 2nd at 11am

Come and join us for some fun in Fitzgeralds Park next Sunday morning.

No previous experience needed , just turn up . We will be in the  Rose garden near the pond.

 We have had a few open  T'ai Chi sessions in the park over the last few years and they always prove to be great fun and really good a T'ai Chi experience .

So mark it in your calender you will be glad you did.

I had just posted the above  when I received this poem from my  'singing ' T'ai Chi friend Pat .
It seems just right for our T'ai Chi celebration.

                                         A NEW SONG

                               Sing a new song to the Lord,
                               sing through the skin of your teeth,
                               sing in the code of your blood,
                               sing with a throat full of earth,

                               sing to the quick of your nails,
                               sing from the knots of your lungs,
                               sing like a dancer on coals,
                               sing as a madman in tongues,

                              sing as if singing made sense,
                              sing in the caves of your heart,
                              sing like you want them to dance,
                              sing through the shades of your past,

                              sing what you never could say,
                              sing at the fulcrum of joy,
                              sing without need of reply.

 " I am just discovering a poet new to me, Michael Symmons Roberts.
    This is from his latest collection, Drysalter. "

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