Friday, 24 May 2013

" Problems are not problems they are lessons to be learned. "

" It is only in the process that joy unfolds. In activity. In doing.   In giving yourself a task  -an assignment, if you will - and  taking on the challenge of exploring your nature to accomplish it.
That is the joy of this existence. It allows the best part of yourself to surface, and you realize the vast knowledge you possess to create the most value in this plane - in any given life. In the process you are thrown many barriers to going forward. The excitement is being able to climb the barrier and see to the other side. That is where joy lives.
There are people who rejoice when obstacles  come because they know growth is inherent in that obstacle ,
and that something new is going to be revealed to them in the process of overcoming the obstacle. "

These quotes are from  Solomon Speaks  On Reconnecting Your Life  by Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov.

They make so much sense to me , I  believe that this lifetime  is just one of many, and that all I learn and accomplish here will help me evolve in this life and prepare me for my next one.

I really feel that this lifetime is an opportunity to grow and develop.
 The more I study and learn and share  the more expanded interesting my life becomes.
With each skill that I work on new connections are established within me and also beyond me. I become connected to a bigger intelligence , the more I ask for direction and help the more this ' intelligence' responds.

This  intelligence or God or whatever you want to call it , wants to know itself , we are all aspects it itself whom it wishes to know . It wants us to grow and develop and be fulfilled through that growth.
It seems to me that the reason  why it feels so good to learn and expand our knowledge and skill is because in doing so we are connecting with that higher aspect of ourselves  - connecting with ' God '.

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