Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sympathy and Love

We are more than our physical body , and yet this physical body is a precious vessel we use in this lifetime to grow and learn.

My heart goes out to my American fellow travellers in this lifetime .

 I don't know why yesterday's events have shaken me so much. Such premeditated violence is  deeply upsetting.
 One cannot imagine the unfortunate  state of mind of the perpetrators .

All of us who have lost loved ones know only too well that grief and loss  felt by the victims loved ones and the journey back to finding one's  centre once again.

Peace will come again ,

 Joy will come again ,

Life has it's way of healing,
especially when we allow the pain to be consciously felt and shared and heal each other with love.

The see and the mountains have witnessed all of human life the joy and the sorrow .

This too will heal with time.

In Love and fellowship.

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