Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nourishing the Energy Body

We are more than a physical body and because we are more than the physical body we can perceive more than the physical body and world.
The physical body appears to be solid  to our physical eyes , however it is in fact made of vibrating atoms and molecules which are anything but solid or rigid they are in fact in constant motion .
This physical body is nourished by food and water , and in general it is this aspect of it's nourishment that is addressed and focused upon.
Often the Energy body  (which also nourishes the physical body ) is not known or valued as an aspect which needs nourishment in order to keep our whole system in good order.
The energy body surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body.
We  can develop an awareness and love of this body through practices such as Tai Chi and meditation.
These practices awaken our sensitivity to this aspect of our nature , once awakened we can begin to learn through experience what nourishes and sustains this body.

The Energy body absorbs energy  ( through our chakras and nadis ) from our surroundings , our practices,  our interactions and our thoughts. The energy body greatly affects the health and vitality of our physical body. One cannot have a strong vibrant physical body if the energetic body is weak and undernourished.

All forms of Tai Chi including partner work are great ways to energise both the physical and energetic bodies.
Time spent in nature ,  in the woods, by the sea , high in the hills or mountains also recharges the energy body.
The thoughts we think also have a very important influence on the health of our energy body.

Positive creative thoughts nourish whereas negative or complaining thoughts and speech drain all our energy.

But  most important nutrient by far for all aspects of us is LOVE.  We can do all the right practices , eat properly , spend time in the most amazing places with the most enlightened people , but if we cannot LOVE we remain undernourished. \
No physical or energetic nourishment will function fully without this vital ingredient.  So let's practice LOVE  and thereby nourish all aspects of ourselves.

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